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Like a steel band that wraps around the bathroom radiator, the Zehnder Matt Black Ribbon Radiator impresses with it's modern design and practicality.


Its oblique rungs are inspired by architectural structures with multiple levels.


Large spaces provide the whole family with plenty of room to hang several towels.

This linking of form and function transforms Zehnder Ribbon into a radiator that invites comfort and class into the bathroom.



  • Modern Design With Diagonal Flat Tubes
  • Perfect For Drying Several Towels – Ideal For Families
  • Ample Spaces Between Tubes Make Cleaning Easy


Special benefits for hot water operation

  • Flexible Installation Due To 50 mm Centre Connections
  • Flexible Installation Through Right And Left Connections


Special Advantages For Electric Operation

  • Electric Operation Provides Warm Towels And Comfortable Rooms All Year Round
  • User-Friendly Remote Control Allows Simple Operation
  • Flexible Control With Bluetooth And Zehnder Connect Android™ or iOS App
  • Customisable Daily And Weekly Programmes For Convenient, On-Demand Operation
  • Energy-Efficient And Comfortable Heating With Innovative “Open Window Detection”
  • High Energy Efficiency Due To Compliance With The European Eco-design Directive Reduces Energy Costs
  • Low Energy Consumption Of Only 0.5 W Or Less In Stand-By Mode For Increased Energy Efficiency
  • Maximum Surface Temperature of 65 °C Ensures Increased Safety (Chrome-Plated Version)
  • Heat Is Readily Available Due To Pre-Defined Timer Function
  • Easy Handling Due To Control Knob For Setting The Radiator Temperature And For Operation Using Its Timer Function
  • Remote Control For Regulating Room Temperature As Required With Four Adjustable Temperatures
  • Increased Safety With Keylock
  • Flexible Control Options: Remote Control For Wall Mounting, Base Mount Or Radiator Holder
  • Timer Function For On-Demand Operation

Zehnder Matt Black Ribbon Radiator 500 x 1567

SKU: 364215376135191
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